Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Review

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Review


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 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Prices

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace prices run the gamut. We're talking from $700-$5000.

While $5000 might be a wee bit pricey for most of us, if you stop and calculate it as a yearly cost, you're looking at spending $250 per year, if figured over 20 years, and this is the high end. Whenever you make major purchases for your home, you need to take the long view. While $700 or $1200 gives us billfold pains at the cash register, figured over time, it's not such a top price to pay for all the enjoyment and savings you will receive over the years. A direct vent gas fireplace is a long term item, and will be an important part of your family experience as the years go by.

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